8 Non-Negotiables for Mobilizing the Local Church for Accomplishing the Great Commission

Justin Taylor summarizes one of David Platt’s messages at Verge 12 where he gave 8 non-negotiables for mobilizing the local church for accomplishing the great commission. The 8 non-negotiables are:

1. A God-centered God.
2. A word-saturated ministry.
3. A life-changing gospel.
4. A Spirit-empowered church.
5. A Christ-driven strategy.
6. A peoples-focused goal.
7. A multifaceted approach.
8. A death-defying commitment.


Toward A Word-Centered Ministry

Chris Anderson has written a great little article on Acts 20: 17-38.

 In Paul’s lecture to the Ephesians elders he provides for us what I call “an inspired philosophy of ministry.” He explains what his ministry looked like, providing a pattern for the church throughout the ages. We need to know this passage well and apply it to our churches intentionally, especially in a day when there are so many competing voices regarding the nature of Christian ministry.

And here is Chris’ breakdown of Paul’s own description of his 3 year ministry in Ephesus:

  • He declared what was profitable (anangelō, v. 20)
  • He taught the Ephesians (didaskō, v. 20)
  • He testified repentance and faith (diamartureō, v. 21)
  • He testified of the gospel (diamartureō, v. 24)
  • He proclaimed the kingdom (kērussō, v. 25)
  • He declared the whole counsel of God (anangelō, v. 27)
  • He admonished the Ephesians (noutheteō, v. 31)