Should the Church Cater to Millennials?

Trevin Wax responds to Rachel Evan’s article about why Millennial’s are leaving the church (which some have said isn’t backed up by the recent data.) Nevertheless, some of what Rachel says needs to be responded to.  While many of the things she says are insightful, Trevin points out some concerns.

One sign of Jesus’ Spirit is He convicts the world of sin (John 16:8). The sign of the spirit of this age is that the world is coddled instead of convicted. And those who marry the spirit of this age will always be widowed in the next.

Perhaps that’s why millennials have left the churches that most resemble the type of community described by Rachel at rates far greater than evangelical churches. When the counter-cultural message of Jesus is softened or tweaked, or the raging idols of this age (such as money, sex, and power) are overlooked or ignored, the cost of Christianity disappears. Christianity without a cost is Christianity without the cross. And Christianity without the cross isn’t Christianity at all.

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