The Eclipse of God at Century’s End

In 1997 Al Mohler wrote a prophetic article that has come to pass today, called The Eclipse of God at Century’s End; Evangelicals Attenpt Theology without Theism.


Al Mohler on the Lessons From the Life of Christopher Hitchens

Al Mohler has written an insightful article on lessons we must learn from the life of the notable atheist, the late Christopher Hitchens. The most important lesson for Christians is the deadly danger of superficial Christianity.

Unlike others who, as he wrote, might have rejected belief in God because of abuse or “brutish indoctrination,” Hitchens simply developed indignant contempt for a belief system that seemed so superficial and fraudulent. An exposure to tepid, lifeless, thoughtless, and intellectually formless Christianity can be deadly.

Mohler also points out that the greatest outside danger to Christianity does not come from the atheist.

In the final analysis, Christians have far less to fear from atheists or antitheists as we do from what Hitchens called “the generalized agnosticism of our culture.” We agree with him that the question of the existence and identity of God is nothing less than the most powerful and urgent question humanity will ever confront.

The Challenge of Attention in a Digital Age

Al Mohler directs our attention to an article on the loss of the life of the mind and the ability to stay focused and pay attention in our digital age.

The article appears in the magazine TAG and was written by Courtney E. Martin.  It’s a fascinating look at how the culture in college has become overrun by the digital age.  Mohler concludes his commentary with this:

People who cannot maintain mental attention cannot know the intimacy of prayer, and God does not maintain a Facebook page. Our ability to focus attention is not just about the mind, for it is also a reflection of the soul. Our Christian discipleship demands that we give attention to our attention.