Spurgeon on False Converts

Spurgeon relates a story that should give us pause for too quickly comforting ourselves with someones deathbed conversion.  This isn’t to say they don’t happen, but…well, I leave the story to Spurgeon.

“I have heard of a city missionary who kept a record of 2000 persons who were supposed to be on their deathbed, but recovered and whom he should have put down as converted persons had they died; and how many do you think lived a Christian life afterwards out of the 2000? Not two. Positively he could only find one who was found to live afterwards in the fear of God. Is it not horrible that when men and women come to die, they should cry, ‘Comfort, comfort?’ And that hence their friends should conclude that they are children of God, while, after all, they have no right to consolation, but are intruders upon the enclosed grounds of the blessed God. O God, may these these people ever be kept from having comfort when they have no right to it! Have you the other blessings? Have you had the conviction of sin? Have you ever felt your guilt before God? Have your souls been humbled at Jesus’ feet? And have you been made to look to Calvary alone for your refuge? If not, you have no right to consolation. Do not take an atom of it. The Spirit is a convincer before he is a Comforter: and you must have the other operations of the Holy Spirit, before you can derive anything from this.”


One thought on “Spurgeon on False Converts

  1. This, but especially more so the Scriptures (2 Peter and Jude), puts to death the lie that we can’t judge the false teacher as damned and not in heaven because we don’t know what they did before death.

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