We Need To Talk About Submission

Submission is one of those topics that’s become a taboo subject among believers, almost to the degree it is taboo, or even scandalous, among unbelievers. And rather than face the subject head on, we can be guilty to turning askew or walking away from it.  At the Desiring God blog Kim Cash Tate has written one of the strongest and clearest articles about submission that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s titled, “We Need To Talk About Submission.”  Kim outlines three points about why we should talk about submission without apology: 1. Submission points to the supremacy of Christ, 2. Submission esteems the truth, and 3. Submission affirms God’s created order.

As believers, we don’t want to resemble in the slightest way those who suppress the truth (Romans 1:18). To the contrary, our obligation is to uphold the truth of the word of God, no matter the times we live in, no matter how uncomfortable we may be. And granted, we will feel uncomfortable talking about submission in many circles. The discomfort is by design. The god of this world has waged assault on submission in order to suppress this truth.

Thank you, Kim, for this reminder.



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