Apologetics in Preaching

Dayton Hartman says apologetics must be part of a healthy preaching ministry. He see’s a two-fold problem:

There is a two-fold problem at hand:

  1. In our proclamation we have assumed a Christian worldview on the part of our listeners, and this is a false assumption.

  2. As we are communicating poorly, our audience isn’t even listening.

The solution?

The solution to this growing problem is to recapture the apostolic method of preaching. The first sermons of the apostles do two things: (1) make much of Jesus and His gospel and (2) defend the truths contained in the gospel.

He goes on to explain:

The text of Scripture is so littered with apologetic elements, I would argue that it is difficult to preach the whole counsel of God without incorporating apologetic elements into one’s sermons.

How does incorporating apologetics into our sermons work itself out practically? Quite often, apologetics should be included out of necessity.

Read the full article here.


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