Where are the Jeremiah’s When We Need Them?

John Johnson, pastor of Village Baptist Church, has written a great article on his blog. His focus is more on a national level, where I would find the focus better suited to a church level.

His was a world of profound spiritual neglect, one that relied on people rather than God.  Israel, just prior to its dismantling, made some disastrous choices—choices similar to the ones our present culture is making—choices that were suicidal.  But then, as Plantinga put it, any time we choose sin it is like pulling the plug on your own resuscitator.

With the passion of a poet, the grief of a spurned lover, and the trembling of a man who knew the fear of God, Jeremiah defined his age and explained the impending judgment—

-they lived in denial—primping for a party when they should have been putting on sackcloth and ashes

-they lost their senses—which is what happens when you choose to worship idols and not the living God. You become what you worship

-they went after leaders who pandered to their wishes—empty chested men who tickled ears. They gave candy to the diabetic, fast food to those with heart disease, entitlements out of exhausted reserves, and quantitative easing to please the wealthy

-they listened to voices who gave superficial diagnoses—the nation was terminally ill, but her shepherds assured her it was all minor wounds

-they took neither God nor His word with any degree of seriousness—there was no fear nor awe, no unsettledness that they stood before a fierce and holy God who will not be mocked

-they were consumers defined by their consuming—using the system to line their pockets, abusing and oppressing the weak to get the latest deals

And no one seemed to notice, take any of this seriously. It was an uncaring, unnoticing culture on its uncaring way to ruin. It was as if a spirit of deception and delusion had descended upon the land. Are we on a similar course? Are we allowing the same spirit to descend upon us? Are we pulling the plug on our own resuscitator?


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