G.O.S.P.E.L. video

Artist Propaganda’s 4 minute gospel presentation.


Controlling the Unpredictable — The Power of Promising

Here is a classic article by Lewis Smede about making and honoring promises, originally published in Christianity Today in 1983.

A human promise is an awesome reality. When a woman makes a promise, she thrusts her hand into the unpredictable circumstances of her tomorrow and creates an enclave of predictable reality. When a man makes a promise, he creates an island of certainty in a heaving ocean of uncertainty. Can any human act, other than the act of forgiving, be more divine?

Bad Christian Art

Interesting article at Image by Tony Woodlief about the causes of bad Christian movies, books and other artistic expressions.

I’m convinced that bad art derives, like bad literary theory, from bad theology. To know God falsely is to write and paint and sculpt and cook and dance Him falsely. Perhaps it’s not poor artistic skill that yields bad Christian art, in other words, but poor Christianity.