Mark Dever interviewed by Ed Stetzer on Ecclesiology

Very interesting interview of Mark Dever about the purpose of the church, the regulative principle, preaching and many more things.



The Challenge of Attention in a Digital Age

Al Mohler directs our attention to an article on the loss of the life of the mind and the ability to stay focused and pay attention in our digital age.

The article appears in the magazine TAG and was written by Courtney E. Martin.  It’s a fascinating look at how the culture in college has become overrun by the digital age.  Mohler concludes his commentary with this:

People who cannot maintain mental attention cannot know the intimacy of prayer, and God does not maintain a Facebook page. Our ability to focus attention is not just about the mind, for it is also a reflection of the soul. Our Christian discipleship demands that we give attention to our attention.

Richard Gaffin on the Apostle Paul’s Theology

Richard Gaffin of Westminster Theological Seminary has spent a great deal of time studying the theology of Paul.  Here are some links to his resources:

2005 Auburn Ave. Presbyterian Church’s Pastor’s Conference on the Apostle Paul and His Theology.  Oddly enough the two keynote speakers were Gaffin and N.T. Wright.  I’ve read elsewhere that Gaffin is not party to the New Perspective on Paul.  These are notes from the conf.

By Faith, Not by Sight, Conference CD’s

Gaffin’s massive 45 seminary lectures on Acts and Paul