The Lameness of Accountability Groups

An interesting article on the weaknesses of accountability groups.


Piper’s Sketch of Andrew Fuller

John Piper has added another great biographical sketch at the 2007 Desiring God Conference for Pastors.  Andrew Fuller was a pastor and the father of the modern missionary movement.  Surprisingly (though it shouldn’t be), Fuller also engaged in deep theological battles against the subtle, yet dangerous heresies of Hyper-Calvinism and Sandemanianism. 

This is one of the most important biographical sketches Piper has given, in my estimation.

You can listen or watch it on video here:

 Holy Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Vision: Andrew Fuller’s Broadsides Against Sandemanianism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Global Unbelief

The Gospel & the Anger of God: Video presentation

Cross TV has produced an excellent video gospel presentation that flies in the face of the breezy, happy-go-lucky gospel of decisionism.  It is based on Jonathan Edwards sermon ‘Sinners in the hands of an angry God’ which was preached at the beginning of the 18th century Great Awakening.  How many modern day evangelists would use this, even though statistically it contributed to the numerical growth of converts?

Cross TV has a fanatastic video selection of Bible teaching that will challenge. Many thanks to them for their faithful ministry.

Audio posted, 2007 Desiring God Pastoral Conference: ‘The Holiness of God’

Desiring God has posted the audio messages of the conference.  R. C. Sproul is always a stand out and enjoyable to listen to.  John Piper’s highly anticipated biographical sketch this year was on Andrew Fuller, who I knew little about, but now have a tremendous amount of respect for.  Also among the guest speakers was William Mackenzie, who started and runs Christian Focus Publications in Scotland.  Christian Focus also carries the imprints Mentor and Christian Heritage.  They have remained a faithful light in the Christian publishing world, and Mackenzie’s message was very challenging.

Audio messages here>>